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Is Your Yard a Mess? We Offer Yard Waste Removal

Is Your Yard a Mess? We Offer Yard Waste Removal

Choose The Junk Express for hot tub removal in Boise, ID

Do you need help removing a hot tub from your property? Did a storm leave your yard covered in tree limbs and debris? Don't worry, The Junk Express hauls away unwanted belongings and takes on yard waste removal projects in the Boise, ID area.

Hire us to remove your:

  • Hot tub
  • Shed
  • Carport
  • Dog house
  • Trampoline
  • Jungle gym

Enhance your home's curb appeal and make it a safer place for your family to hang out in by scheduling yard waste removal services today.

3 good reasons to call for yard waste removal

The Junk Express takes care of yard waste and hot tub removal projects in Boise, ID and surrounding areas.

Hiring a professional yard cleanup service is a good investment because:

  1. They will enhance the curb appeal of your property by removing tree limbs and debris
  2. They will displace invasive insects by getting rid of their habitat
  3. They will reduce your workload by taking care of your yard cleanup work while you relax

Call on The Junk Express to tackle your yard waste or hot tub removal quickly and safely.